It’s that time of year again where university students are anticipating exam results. This year’s results are expected to drop between mid to late August.

This is an exciting yet stressful period for students and often a back-up plan is the last thing on a student’s mind.

We have compiled a few back-up plan ideas, for your convenience!

Working holiday abroad

Why not take a gap year and travel the world? There are many working holiday programmes available to young people.

With a working holiday visa, you can legally remain in foreign countries for longer than just your average holiday. Working holidays are also advantageous because you continue to earn money whilst travelling. Travelling can be costly, but by securing a working visa you are able to fund and support yourself.

We have working holiday programmes all over the globe including, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and more.

Take a look at our current working abroad opportunities. Remember, you have to be at least 18 years of age to travel with us.

Voluntary work

After studying, it can be difficult to find work due to the lack of work experience. For this reason, finding voluntary work is a great way to build up your CV, and it is easier to secure a voluntary job if you have little to no experience in working. Afterall, it is unpaid work! There are great places to volunteer – such as your local charity shop. By doing so, not only do you gain working experience but you also being to strengthen your confidence and people skills too.

We have several voluntary work abroad opportunities, some of which include India, Thailand , and Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, you can educate local children, provide emotional support, and even organise various activities and creative workshops. There is even a sea turtle conserve where you can help in protecting and conserving the sea turtles. Along with saving these critically endangered animals, this will increase alternative livelihoods for coastal communities to take the need for poaching and hunting turtles away and to achieve a long-lasting sustainable sea turtle management. How rewarding is that?!


Universities have a process called ‘clearing’. This is a process in which Universities have to fill their remaining spaces. The entry requirements for these courses are significantly lowered to attract applicants to apply. Sometimes, result grades are narrowly missed, resulting in the first and even second choice of Uni being scrapped.

If you find that you do sadly miss out your first choice, have look into clearing to see if there are any remaining courses that interest you. Whilst this may not have been your desired route, it is always an option to consider.

Paid work

Autumn is a key time to find new work, because businesses slowly start to prepare for the Christmas and holiday season, so require a larger work force. This is especially important for the hospitality sector and retail.

It can be a good way of gaining some work experience, and sometimes these types of jobs do not require initial experience. Training will be provided on the job.

We wish you the very best outcome for your exam results. Good luck.