Have you been looking for the perfect volunteering opportunity to save endangered animals?  The sea turtles of Costa Rica are in need of help and you could be the one to conserve them and save many coastal communities in the process.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity where you can help rid of poaching sea turtles and save an endangered species, whilst exploring and learning more about somewhere new. This is a chance that many can only dream of  and would hate to miss out on.

Why sea turtles need your help?

Pollution. Overfishing. poaching. Destruction of their homes. Due to these unfortunate contributing factors, sea turtles are a threatened species. These reptiles at risk should be able to lay their eggs, roam the waters and do their job in the environment without the concern for extinction.

It may not be well known that turtles are relied on to protect the state of the worlds’ oceans and have been for over a 100 million years. With a job of transferring essential nutrients from sea to beach and continuing the building of coral reef ecosystems. These poor, harmless animals don’t deserve this treatment.

What you might be doing?

During your time in Costa Rica, you will be given the relevant training so you know what to do to save the sea turtles. Your responsibilities during this time can involve anything from 4 hour night patrols-so bring some comfy walking shoes-to relocating nests. It is a crucial process and can make a big difference in this volunteer work and for the entire community.

What might your hours be?

Your hours would mainly take place at night between 7pm and 4am. However, there may be the occasional necessity to work throughout the day and night and over 30 hours a week. These hours don’t mean you won’t have the option to explore your surroundings and get to know Costa Rica better!

If you are interested in this inspiring opportunity and would like to know more, have a look at this link for more details on what you would be doing and learning if you decide to volunteer!