Have you ever visited Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a beautiful and tropical country full of wildlife, rainforests and beaches. 

We have opportunities to work abroad, volunteering, working with the critically endangered sea turtles.

Help build a stronger community by dedicating your time and knowledge to interacting with impoverished people in Costa Rica. Sign up to become a volunteer in order to help improve the quality of life of those in need.

You can educate the children, provide emotional support, or just organise various activities and creative workshops in Costa Rica.

Whilst on your working and volunteering trip, make some time to visit the many beaches of the country. We have narrowed down a list of our favourite.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in all of Costa Rica.

The national Park is a coastal rainforest teeming with wildlife. It takes about half an hour from the park’s entrance to get to Manuel Antonio Beach. If you like adventure as well as the beach, the park contains hiking trails which lead to lots of other beaches inside the park. This is a great way to explore! In addition you’re practically guaranteed to see wildlife – most likely the monkeys. Don’t forget to wear your swimsuit and grab some snorkelling equipment. The coral seascape is worth exploring.

Ostional Beach, Nicoya Peninsula

It can be said that the volcanic black sand beach of Ostional Beach within Ostional Wildlife Refuge on the Nicoya Peninsula belongs to the turtles. Are you a lover of wildlife? The sea  turtles in particular are not to be missed! Book onto a night tour to Ostional Beach to watch the sea turtles annual nesting. Nesting season is between July and October.

 The experience of watching the sea turtles is so very fascinating. Due to climate change and predators, sea turtles are an endangered species and need protecting to preserve the life. Bear in mind that due to the natural process of the animals, the nesting season can be rather unpredictable though, and the days may differ to those originally anticipated.

Why not sign up for a volunteering job where you can help this endangered species. Read all about it here.

Tamarindo Beach

It’s no surprise that Tamarindo Beach gets it’s name from the tamarind trees that border the coastal line. This beach is located within the province of Guanacaste.

The stunning Tamarindo beach is also known as a great place for surfing. This is with thanks to the consistent waves and year-round warm weather.

Not yet an experienced surfer? No problem! There are surfing companies readily available to get you started on some lessons. Plus, another way to learn is by making friends with the locals and having them show you how it is done!

Playa Biesanz, Manuel Antonio National Park

Last but certainly not least on our list is Playa Biesanz. This beach is situated at the end of a jungle trail and can also be found in the Manuel Antonio National Park.

It is yet another best of both worlds beach, with forestry and sand. The beach has white sands and it is also another very good choice for snorkelling.