Undoubtedly, whilst away from home on your working holiday visa, you are naturally going to be experiencing many situations for the first time. You will also be visiting new places for the first time too.

A lot of the time on your working abroad trip, you may find yourself solo. This is especially when you first arrive, as you have not had much time to make new friends.

Here are ways to keep yourself safe whilst on your working abroad holiday.

Local language key phrases

In some non-English speaking areas, it is essential that you have practised and memorised key phrases and words to ask for help.

This could be asking for emergency services, or directions to medical centres.

Alternatively, pick up a language book that you can keep in your bag and refer to at any time.

Know where your medical centres are

The internet is a valuable tool in this instance, and you should use it to make notes of all of your local emergency departments or medical centres.

Carry a first aid kit

A first aid kit doesn’t necessarily have to include your entire medica cupboard contents as this will just weigh you down!

Whilst on your working abroad holiday, you will be visiting places and new sights for the first time. You may also plan action packed activities, such as snowboarding in Canada. Or, even climbing a mountain!

Depending on your destination, you should adapt your first aid kit accordingly. A trip to the shopping mall may only require a packet of plasters and pain killers. In contrast to this, a mountain hike may require more specialist equipment.

Emergency cash

An emergency cash fund should cover emergency cab fare, phone calls, medicines and food.

After wandering the many beautiful sights of beaches in Australia, tropical rainforests in Costa Rica, or lakes in Canada, you may find yourself lost! For this reason, you will want to ensure that you have funds for a ride home via taxi (or public transport). The further you go into rural areas, there will be less cash points and ATM’s available so it’s essential that you have a back up stash of cash.


If you are on a working holiday visa to Canada, you should note that there is a time difference of 5 hours. The UK is ahead of Canada.

If you have only recently arrived to your destination, your primary source of communication may probably be those back at home. It is a good idea to share your itinerary with them. You should also share your location status. If you plan on day trips out, another good idea is to share a photo of yourself in your current outfit. This will help emergency services to locate you, if you ended up getting lost.

In addition to this, it is best to travel around during the day when it is still light outside. You will feel safer, and at this time there are more people around to help you, should you need it.

Finally, when on your excursions, try to book group tours and activities so that there are people knowing your whereabouts.