#ExploreCanada - Meet Ruben


Are you dreaming of a new experience in Canada? Ready to start the ultimate work and travel adventure of your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Alliance Visas is bringing you a chance to explore all that Canada has to offer with our #ExploreCanada social media campaign!

Meet Ruben!


We’re partnering with content creator Ruben Chorlton-Owen who is about to embark on an incredible journey to explore this magnificent country.

In the coming days, Ruben will be journeying through Canada’s varied cities, exploring some of its natural wonders, tasting delicious regional cuisine, meeting local people and more!

Follow us to Toronto, Calgary, Banff and Vancouver!

Through his adventures, we’re sure you’ll come to appreciate why so many young people are enthralled with Canada, and will even be inspired to apply for a visa to live and work in the Great White North.

So if you want to join Ruben and Alliance Visas in exploring all that Canada has to offer, then head over to our Instagram and Facebook page. Follow along with Ruben and get exclusive insider access to all the best places he’s visiting!

And if you think Canada could be the perfect place for your own work and travel journey, then you should also take a minute to see if you’re eligible for a visa. Just take our free eligibility test on our website and get one step closer to starting your dream adventure in Canada.

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