Japan is home to numerous unique traits that make it a highly sought-after destination for working holiday visa travelers. There’s nothing quite like the culture of this beautiful country. Before you board that flight though, there are a few things you should know about Japan for your trip!

Public transit is packed all of the time

Several studies have been done to determine just how packed Japanese public transit systems are and the results tend to hover around the 200% overcapacity mark! The reason for this overcapacity is because more than 50% of the people who live/work in Tokyo use public transit. The trains in particular are the most overcrowded because people are trying ot get to and from their jobs. What’s interesting is that in Tokyo specially, there are actually people hired to shove people onto the trains and make as many people fit as they can, so don’t be alarmed if that happens to you!

Tokyo is the highest populated city in the world

Whereas yes, Tokyo itself is a huge city, the number of people living in the city make the size of the city itself look like a rural area! There are over 38 million people in Tokyo alone. Whereas that’s great for travelers looking to meet new people, it does make it difficult to find a place to live that’s directly in the city!

Baseball is the most popular sport

Fun fact, over 33% of the country’s residents watched baseball last season alone. If you also enjoy the sport, you’ll fit right in at live games or even watching a game on TV! Granted, most of the watchers are of older generations as young generations tend to watch sports like soccer, but it’ll still be a blast!

Japan loves its vending machines

Japan is well known for it’s love of vending machines. Tokyo in particular is known for them. The city even has mile long stretches with vending machines lined up the whole way. The vending machines in Japan are not like the ones in other countries, however. They often have more than just some food an drink. Some of them sell books, toys, games, and other unique finds!

Japan has one of the lowest crime rates

If you’re traveling alone, Japan is one of your best options as the crime rate is so low that it essentially doesn’t exist. You’ll feel safe as a solo traveler even in cities like Tokyo. There are of course areas to avoid, like any country, but overall Japan is a safe option!


Japan is one of the most unique countries to visit on your working holiday visa trip! The fascinating culture, low crime rate, and ability to meet an excessive amount of people make it a great option for solo travelers. You can’t go wrong with Japan!