Volunteering allows you to both travel the world and give back to the community. Volunteering in different countries helps understand the struggles people in different parts of the world go through.

It can give you a new outlook on life and inspire to contribute more to make the world better. We have various volunteering programs in different countries, which you can pick depending on where you want to go, what you want to do, and for how long you would like to volunteer.

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Volunteer in Kenya

Contribute your time and attention to the impoverished youth in Kenya. because of malnutrition and unstable social environment, a lot of kids in Kenya are neglected. You can help them by signing up to be a volunteer in Kenya. As a volunteer, you can organise events and activities for the children, as well as help them with homework and daily chores. This is a challenging yet life-changing experience that will expand your cultural horizons. You can sign up for a short-term volunteering programme to both help out at the orphanage and discover more of Kenya in your spare time.
There are varies of volunteering programmes available in Kenya, starting from $170 per month. Click below to find out more.


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Volunteer in Indonesia

Explore Bali and contribute to the community by teaching kids in Indonesia English. You will make a direct impact on the students’ lives by giving them the knowledge and the support they need to further their careers when they leave school. If you don’t have the experience in the education field, you will be given training and information needed to assist the children.
You can apply for a short-term volunteering programme to both help those in need and explore Bali. In your spare time, you can walk around the island and absorb its culture. Click below to find out more. The volunteering programmes start from $170 per month.


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Volunteer in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its hundreds of tropical islands and variety of attractions around the country, in Bangkok in particular. You can explore Thailand and help people there both long and short term. At the moment, there are medical specialists needed in Thailand, but you can also apply for different volunteering programmes to see if there is any other kind of help needed. The programmes start from $170 per month.


Volunteering Alliance Visas

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Share your skills, time and passion with those in need in Costa Rica. You will help inspire and strengthen the community there by either teaching, tutoring, or helping out with variety of tasks, depending on the need. It is an inspiring and enriching trip that will give you new skills, as well as extraordinary experience in another country. Costa Rica is famous for its dazzling nature and incredible beaches, so finding interesting things to do in your spare time will not be a problem. There are various volunteering programmes available in Costa Rica, click below to find out more.