Vegetable Farm, Hawaii

Rate of Pay

$12.00 per hour


Full time, 40 – 60 hours per week


Kahuku, Hawaii

Date of Joining

September 2023


This company has been family operated since 1991, this 100-acre farm specializes in cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumbers. They also grow eggplants, okra, leafy greens, root vegetables and herbs. They are recognized as one of Hawaii’s premium products by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture and their Hawaii Seal of Quality Program, and they focus on producing quality products without heavy spraying of pesticides. They distribute to supermarkets, restaurants and farmers markets using their own locally-branded name.


  • Handling inventory and machinery
  • Planting, fertilizing, harvesting and composting
  • Identifying weeds and insects
  • Collecting and recording farm data
  • Pickling and canning
  • Rotating through departments
  • Packing and preserving products
  • Conducting business tasks (marketing; budgeting; sales; delivery; analyzing market
    forces, prices, and supply chains; learning about customer bases; and communicating with
  • Evaluating the maturity of various fruits and vegetables
  • identifying different
    produce varieties and their characteristics
  • learning the growing and harvesting cycle for the
    farm’s specific geographic location
  • principles of handling and packing fresh produce for
    transport, storage, and marketing
  • pest management techniques.

Housing & Expenses

Your host will provided a shared bedroom for a maintenance fee of $125 per month. Visitor will be required to pay a $500 deposit upon moving in which is returned at the end of the program if there are no cleaning or repair services needed. Host may reimburse program fees at end of program as well.

Alliance visas program fee: £550