United States J-1 Visa

The United States J-1 visa is intended for applicants with an interest in visiting the U.S for the intention of seeing the country to learn about the culture and lifestyle, with the ability to work and study whilst visiting.

It is a great opportunity to experience the United States as more than a tourist and get to grips with what it is like to live there under the many programs that run with the J-1 visa, depending on the program you are visiting under the stay can vary from 4 months to 7 years.


Visa Requirements


  • Meet English language and insurance requirements.
  • Have a valid passport that expires further than 6 months away.
  • Meet the individual requirements of the program they are applying for.
  • Not be visiting with dependents unless they also carry a dependent visa.
  • Engage in work and study only under the program you are visiting under.
  • If looking to apply for a green card, the applicant must return to their country of residence for at least 2 years prior.
  • Intend to leave the U.S at the end of their J-1 Visa.


United States Working J-1 Visa Obligations


Once the United States J-1 Visa is approved, the applicant needs to comply with all the visa conditions while in the United States. Breaching of any conditions can result in your United States J-1 Visa being cancelled and the applicant has to leave the country.

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