New Zealand is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. With its snow-capped mountains, ancient glaciers, rolling hills, and copious amounts of wine, it’s a destination unlike all others.
Jump out of a plane over Queenstown!
If you were skydiving before, I don’t have to write much here because you know immediately how this feels, namely simply amazing! Sebastian and Line risked this adventure here in Queenstown, I jumped out of a plane on New Zealand’s Northern Island. In Queenstown it will be a bit chillier because of the mountains but you will have a breathtaking view over the snow-covered the Remarkable. The feeling is the same, every time. When they put you into the jumpsuit and the harness, you will feel your stomach prickle. They will give you a tandem master and then you go aboard. And the flight itself amazing already! You get this incredible view on top of your jump. And in case you decide not to jump, there’s actually no way back as your tandem partner will jump for you.
Swim with dolphins in Kaikoura!
Make a childhood dream come true und swim with dolphins! In Kaikoura they offer it several times a day, a unique and inexpressibly wonderful experience not to be missed! You go by boat out to the open sea and within minutes you will reach the first swarm. Now put on your flippers and take your snorkel and jump into the water!
Dolphins are known to be very curious and go for noises. Feel free to sing and bumble– the dolphins will not blame you for strange sounds. Also try to move like a dolphin and before you know, they will be there to inspect you. They swim round you in a circle, they come towards you, come from underneath you and jump out of the water for joy, just like ‘Flippper’!
Go canyoning in Wanaka!
If you like climbing and getting the kick of a secured fall, then I recommend Deep Canoyning to you! It’s the place to experience nature at first hand: torrential waterfalls, secluded pools surrounded by woods, sculptural rock formations, and soft, grass-green moss everywhere. During the tour you will rappel at waterfalls and into canyons as well as jump over the cliff.
Go kayaking in the Marlborough Sounds!
Now, let’s get to an easier activity. Your heartbeat should get a chance to come down! While in New Zealand, you should go kayaking at least once. There are many places to do so, so take it easy. Just check your schedule what fits best.
In Anakiwa a small, family-run company offers nice custom-made kayak-tours through the Marlborough Sounds. Even as a beginner you will feel safe and pampered. You will learn a lot about the animals, nature and some facts about the region. The owners are really warm-hearted so that you will have a lot of fun and feel like doing a trip with good old friends.
Mountain bike on the Central Otago Rail Trail!
The Otago Central Rail Trail is a hiking and bike trail of 152 km in Otago. On this trail you pass flocks of sheep, blue lakes, snow-covered mountains, cross bridges, go through canyons and dark tunnels.
You can either rent a mountain bike and discover everything on your own, or you book a tour in a group. They will pick you up in Queenstown.
Go horseback riding in Punakaiki!
Another comfortable way to make the route is on a horse. In Punakaiki you can book great rides in the surroundings to be right in the middle of nature.
You will ride through rivers, pass fields, ride through the rain forest until you reach a little glade. There you will find a small cabin where you can have a break and can enjoy the surrounding drinking tea or hot chocolate. If you are a good rider you can really speed up and gallop a part of the route. If you are not, the adventure starts at that point at the latest! The tour ends on the beach from where you can see the Pancakes Rocks. The horses are calm and easy to ride, and the owners really friendly. This ride is not meant for horse lovers only, because you will see that you experience your surrounding more intensely on the back of a horse. So just give it a try!
Go by jet boat in Hannah!
Have you never gone by jet boat yet? Book a tour on the Waitoto River! This trip takes you from the sea into the mountains. You will speed down the river, learn a lot about this incredible nature and the culture of the Maoris. You will also stop for a while and have the chance to go hiking and discover the rain forest.
Go canyon swinging in Queenstown!
I must admit, I prefer jumping from a plane with a tandem-master than jumping into a canyon on my own, just fastened with a rope. This means that so far I have not dared going bungee jumping or canyon swinging but I absolutely intend to do so. Especially since I have seen pictures of a friend who jumped into a canyon from 109 meters in Queenstown I feel like doing it soon!
Watch whales in Kaikoura!
If you do not want to jump into cold water to meet sea dwellers, book a whale watching tour! It is a once in a lifetime experience to see them diving in their natural environment. The crew is really funny and provides you with really interesting facts on the whales.
With a 95 % guarantee to meet a whale you are almost on the safe side. Line and Sebastian saw three whales on their tour and were really happy!