Things to Do in Canada on a Working Holiday

Working holidays should be about more than just working. They should be about exploring and experiencing something new, but with Canada being such a large, diverse country, traveling there for your working holiday can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many fun and unique activities that you could do on your working holiday in Canada, the list is nearly endless. However, there are a few activities in particular that really stand out pending the time of year that you’ll be there!


Check Out the Tours

Canada is known for its extravagant and never-ending list of tours that they offer to visitors. No matter the area you are staying in for your working holiday in Canada, there are bound to be some tours available to you for an affordable price. Consider looking into these popular ones in your area!

  • Mountain bike tours – There are so many biking tours in Canada. Some are in the wilderness and others are city tours. Popular ones include wine and city tours, Ride of Mount Royal, and the Montreal Architecture Bike Tour!
  • Walking tours – Some favorites include the Johnston Canyon Ice walk and the Downtown Victoria Food and City Tour! There are also several wilderness and wildlife tours available!

Hang Out on a Ferry!

Canada is also home to a substantial number of mini cruises! Most of them are day cruises and cruises that are only a few hours long. Here are some of our favorites that you should definitely give a try!

  • Day Cruises – There are dozens of these scattered all throughout Canada. Of course, we have to recommend the Niagara Falls Tour, you can’t go to Canada and not see the falls! We also recommend looking into the Ottawa River Cruise and the Jasper Wildlife and Waterfalls Tour!
  • Lunch Cruises – Never lasting more than just a couple of hours, these are short cruises that are often target around the small lakes and cities of Canada. You pay for a cruise and a lunch meal and enjoy the sights of the surrounding city or wildlife!
  • Dinner/Sunset Cruises- There are so many evening cruises that are available for you during your working holiday! You could do an evening tour of Niagara Falls to get a different view (and a lit- up view at that!). There are some more extravagant cruises that host a fancy dinner and a show and there are others that simply want to tell you about the history!

Enjoy the Winter Sports

Canada is known for its winter sports and honestly, whether you’re a fan of the snow or not, you must take advantage of this! Go for a nice nature walk and get some beautiful photographs or hit the slopes and try skiing or snowboarding for the first time! At the very least, enjoy a hot cocoa in a winter wonderland somewhere! You won’t regret it!


There is so much to do during your Canada working holiday. If none of these options suit your interests, check out the local dining scene, take a self-guided history tour of different cities, and just remember to explore and have fun! Afterall, you’re on a working holiday. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

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