There’s nothing like going out and exploring the world on our own. Travelling itself us very beneficial for us all because it expands our horizons and allows us to escape our comfort zones. Travelling alone for the first time may seem scary and unusual if you’re doing it for the first time but if you ask other solo travellers they’ll tell you it’s the best thing they’ve ever done and have continuously travelled alone. You will get to discover different cultures and ways of life on your own and you may experience adventures that may have not been possible if you were travelling in a group.

The advantage of travelling solo are endless, here’s just a few reasons that may make you want to take the risk and adventure alone!

1) You will learn more about yourself

Once you set off on your solo travels you’ll be faced with hundreds of decisions you’ll need to make, fears you will have to overcome and in the end you will discover your true self and your capabilities. Travelling will expose you to raw experiences where you get to know your true self , you’ll get to wander, explore and grow as a human being. A destination far away will help yo connect with your inner self and help you fins your true purpose in life and what it is that you really want to do with your future. In this day and age we’re constantly bombarded by stimulation; always connected to others as well as social media. It’s very rare for us sit by ourselves and just be, solo travels allows you to do that exactly.

2) It will boost your confidence

Travelling alone will mean you have to be independent, the decisions you end up making will prove to you how you are capable of doing just about anything, ultimately boosting your confidence. Your reflection on the trip will make you realise the amount of things you have learnt on the road, the people you have met with, the choices you made and the challenges you have overcame. At first you may feel some nerves but eventually once you get used to your surroundings you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and confident with travelling any where in the world.

3) Meet new people

Meeting and talking to total strangers can be rather daunting for some but ask any solo traveller once you put yourself out there an initiate a conversation you will meet so many lovely souls, that will be the highlight of your trip. When you’re travelling alone there’s a lot more reasons why you want to interact with others, locals will be a lot more engaging and excited to know why you chose their country, leading you to start new friendships. When you already have a friend or group of people with you you don’t bother interacting with others, this is a shame as you’re missing out on meeting incredible people who probably have exciting stories to share.

4) You’re in control

You can go anywhere you want, do any activity you prefer and sleep in as much as you need to because guess what you’re alone so you only need to please yourself. When travelling with others it can quite annoying as everyone is different and therefore have different preferences on everything whether that’s choice of holiday or even restaurant you may have to end up compromising to keep everyone happy. You can be selfish and choose to tick off all the items on your bucket list instead of somebody else’s. Having more control of your travels will make your trip a lot less stressful and more relaxing.

5) You’ll be out of your comfort zone

Being away from the comfort of your own home will challenge you in many different ways and ultimately will sculpt you into a new person. Only by putting yourself out there will you really be able to explore the world and discover new things about yourself and the environment you’re in. You’ll no longer be in a bubble, you will gain confidence to do new things and to keep constantly challenging yourself.