IEC or International Experience Canada is a program that allows young foreign workers find an employment and temporarily work in Canada. Participants must be from a country that has a bilateral agreement with Canada, specifically under the Youth Mobility Agreement. The program specifies that participants must be between 18 and 35 of age. There have been some changes made to the IEC working holiday visa that anyone looking to work in Canada must know.

Changes Made To The IEC Working Holiday Visa

One of the biggest changes to the IEC Working Holiday Visa is also one that can shut down the application process before it even begins. Now, to get an invitation for the visa itself, the applicant must have a job offer from a Canadian-held company. This new requirement was included because of the pandemic. If you have a job offer then the travel becomes for a=work and essential. Participants who arrive in Canada should undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. The Government of Canada will provide food and medicine, if necessary. However, participants must have a plan for accommodations during quarantine. Although they will get separate coverage from the employers, participants must have a reliable health care coverage for the duration of their stay in Canada. Another important change is that the Canadian immigration department now requires a job offer for the visa.

LOI Extensions

Participants of IEC with LOI (letter of introduction) are now able to apply for an extension, if it is about to expire. Last year, Canada imposed travel restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus. They will now be allowed to travel within Canada, as long as they have port of entry LOI, and a valid job offer. Workers who have a LOI for applying for a work permit can get an extension for up to one year, if LOI will expire in 30 days or less. If participants want to apply for an extension, they need to fill out the form of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). The length of the LOI extension could depend on whether medical exams are extended or reassessed. It also depends on whether applicants have received an extension previously. The decision for extension is performed on the case by case basis. It’s made at the discretion of an immigration officer. When applying, candidates can apply for young professionals, internship (international co-op) or working holiday. Candidates who accept or receive invitation have 20 days for applying a proper work permit.

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