Volunteering is a voluntary act of freely giving your time and and labour for a community service. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience for your CV.

Often, volunteering work requires little to no experience and there are many industries to choose from.

Some of the different sectors you can contribute in:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Soft Skill development
  • Teach in a Slum school
  • Therapy for children
  • Help in raising funds
  • Plantation

So, what are the benefits?

Improved well-being

It should be noted that through a volunteer’s experience, connecting with others through volunteering creates a feeling appreciation by others for your efforts. Specifically, in doing something purposeful and meaningful, it feels good when we are recognised for our hard work.

Volunteering your time and labour is commendable, and volunteers deserve all the recognition in the world. Equally, by sharing and using your skills you will start to develop your confidence.

Personal experience and knowledge is another ingredient linked to increased wellbeing. By expanding on your existing experience and awareness, you are heading in the right direction toward an increased wellbeing.

Community feel

With community participation comes empowerment. When people feel empowered, they feel a sense of control enabling them to influence positive change. Similar to this, ideas breed new ideas.

Apart from having personal benefits of gaining knowledge and insight, sharing also contributes to the community’s greater worth. This grows the overall sense of community, and it is highly rewarding to see all of the achievements your efforts have contributed to.

Being part of a community helps to combat loneliness. As humans, we are creatures that thrive in ‘packs’ and we should  an feel a great sense of togetherness when volunteering in a community. Regardless of the size, no team is too big or too small when it comes to community.

Discover which type of team you best enjoy.

Meet new people

It is so important to meet people from different parts of the world. By doing so, you are  subconsciously expanding your knowledge and growing as a person.

It’s true that meeting new people from different places can help you to increase the chances of learning new things. We differ in one way or another as people, and since everyone possess their own experiences you are naturally going to learn so much! Also, it helps to get exposure to new connections and opportunities.

The other benefit to meeting new people is the potential to make new friends. Working abroad can be daunting, especially if you are travelling alone. Buddying up with somebody in a new place can help you, because they can show you around town! The best people to learn from are the locals, and they will definitely show you all of the best spots in town.

Every person we meet in life has the potential to become a friend for life. Keep open-minded and you never know who you will meet, and the impact that they will have on your life.

Grow your confidence

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