LOCATION: Ontario, Canada



  • Select gauge and type of sheet metal according to SMACNA
  • Locate and mark dimensions per plans, specifications, and shop drawings
  • Fabricate duct onsite to include miter and alterations to shop fabricated duct
  • Use hand tools and portable power tools in the installation of joints of duct such as slide and drive, TDF, snap lock, and other assemblies as required
  • Lay out openings and coordinate with other trades
  • Inspects assemblies and installation for conformance with job requirements and industry standards
  • Erect and install equipment such as air handling units, VAV boxes, fan power boxes, and others as required
  • Loads and unloads construction materials from trucks and into buildings
  • Maintains good housekeeping and a safe work area (including company vehicle)
  • Works safely and encourages others to do so and complies with applicable health and safety-related rules, regulations, and procedures