How do you set up a new life in a new country, on a working holiday visa in Canada? Should you? Could you? How easy is it to leave your life at ‘home’ behind and start a life for a short while with a Canadian working holiday visa?

The overview:

Making a big decision to move to Canada as a working holiday Canadian is no small or easy decision and it shouldn’t be made lightly. The multiple thoughts and reactions that emanate from decisions do not only affect you in person, they also affect a lot of people around you including friends, families and everybody else attached to you in one way or another.

Living abroad requires you to arrange a couple of things for yourself and maybe even in a language you probably do not understand. This includes housing, transportation, insurance, new bank accounts and lots more.

The steps below are a framework you would be glad to have when considering to move for your Canada working holiday to make your intended new life a smooth transition.

Take a moment and mull over all the options, possible scenarios, dreams and futures to be described in this article. You will be convinced that you are good to go and those second thoughts – which are normal and humanly – will vanish after reading through the procedures listed in this article.

  1. Learn and speak the language

The official language in Canada is English. For a foreigner, you are expected to know the new “foreign” language. At least enough to chat with your neighbor, what you are buying, what you are selling, what and where hurts, and more mundane things like how you want your hair done today. This will help you a lot if you do not want to get the “foreigner treatment” from locals. If you speak the English language already, then it is a plus for you. Some parts of Canada however still speak French as well so it may be beneficial for you to brush up on the language as well!

  1. Choose the right city to live

There are 100 municipalities in Canada to live. These places have different but common lifestyles of their own. As for the costs of living which include rent, electricity costs, communication service costs, transportation, food & groceries, this depends on the city you are based. Ontario, which is Canada’s largest province is one of the most expensive provinces on a cost basis. Public transportation is available in most cities and regions across the country. You can choose from local or regional buses, trains and streetcars or subways.

Research on the cities you are to live, job opportunities for you: these will help you reduce your cost of living during your stay and also avoid surprise cost

  1. Open a bank account, Get insurance

A bank account makes it easier to manage your money and keep it safe. You can open a bank account in Canada even if you don’t have an address, a job yet or money to put in the account right away. All you need is to find at least two pieces of acceptable, original identification. You can also apply for eligible insurance plans during your stay. You are required to have travel insurance that covers the full duration of your work permit and insurance that will cover repatriation costs if you’re participating in the Working Holiday Visa in Canada program.


You will know that you are settling in well in Canada for your working holiday when you can do your job, banking, file official complaints and, master the return process, and tell people off in more ways than one. Hopefully, you enjoy your stay in the Great White North.