Planning on going on an epic ski trip in Ontario but not as confident with the knowledge? Not to worry this will get you all sorted and assured before your trip so make sure you keep reading.


Ontario is a fascinating province with many famous sites such as Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland and many ski resorts. Some of the most outstanding Ski resorts in Ontario include Blue Mountain Canada (Ontario’s largest ski resort), Searchmont , Calabogie Ski Resort, Mount St Louis Moonstone and Horseshoe resort.

You would need to keep in mind that skiing in resorts is not available all year round therefore, you would have to check ski season dates with the resort to avoid disappointment. For example with Blue Mountain Canada it is open from mid December till mid April though it differs between resorts.


No experience with skiing? No need to be concerned! The resorts has a variety of large beginner’s zones, a diversity of terrain suitable for beginners, and lots of lessons before you know it you will pick it up fast and have a blast! However, making sure you’re fit and exercising before skiing is a bonus, you will need a lot of leg strength. If you’re laying in bed all week being lazy and all of the sudden you go skiing your body reacts differently, it will tire you and leave you sore making it non enjoyable as you are delaying the process of learning to ski whereas, if you are adventurous and in good health you’ll be an athlete in no time! 


Age isn’t a big factor with skiing whether you’re young or old, it is suitable and enjoyable for the whole family. Loui Batori is the world’s oldest known skier, recently hitting the slopes at the age of 107. 10 year old  Keira Nicole Lipp, broke the world record for the youngest person to ski on all seven continents. This shows no matter how young or how old you are you are never ‘’too young’’ or ‘’too old’’.


Most resorts will have ski gear however, it’ll be much cheaper if you bring all the basics from home such as ski jackets, ski goggles, pairs of ski pants, pairs of ski gloves. Make sure you’re protected from the wind and snow to avoid your skin drying out, lips being dry or having a frostbite. You wouldn’t want your holiday being ruined by falling ill due to the fact you didn’t pack the right gear for your holiday.


If you are panicky and nervous where you view skiing as a daunting task don’t let your fears and discomfort overcome you and miss out on the enjoyment of the beautiful breeze, snowflakes running down sounds of laughter, funny moments watching your friends or family fall over, it is all a fun-loving experience! Skiing trips don’t come very often so make sure you take the opportunity to get out there and make the most out of it!