Have you ever seen those posts on social media that says something a little cooky like, “happy national love your dog day!” or “Happy hug a bunny day!”. These are what’s called, national days. They are not technically holidays, but they are days dedicated to specific activities, things, people, activities, etc.

Most nations have their own list of national days, including Canada and boy do they have some unique ones! While on your year long working holiday visa in Canada, you’ll have to be sure to check what’s being celebrated each day you’re there, so you don’t miss out! Let’s discuss 6 Canadian national days you didn’t know existed!


National Step in the Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

That’s right. On January 11th you have every right (and kind of obligation) to step in that rain puddle and kick some water onto your friends! They can’t get mad at you because well…it’s national day! Take advantage of this opportunity but be kind!


National Shower with a Friend Day

Are you close to your friends? If not, now’s your chance! On February 5th, you have every right to ask your friends if they want to save some water and hop in the shower with you! I think you could get away with just letting them be in the bathroom with you while you shower if being totally exposed just isn’t your thing.


National Awkward Moments Day

This is probably my favorite national day in Canada and here’s why it should be yours! March 18th is essentially the day where you can do something awkward or embarrassing and write it off as, “it’s national awkward moments day guys, come on!”. It’s like a free pass to do something stupid!


National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Whereas we don’t know if any companies actually take advantage of this national day, here’s what we do know. YOU absolutely should, especially if you’re lucky enough to work abroad from your laptop! Why not attend April 16th’s skype meeting in your footie pajamas! When your coworkers comment on the new look, blame it on the fact that you’re in Canada on a working holiday visa!


National Speak in Sentences Day

May 31st is an interesting day. Although we’re not exactly sure what “speak in sentences” means (how else do you speak?), it’s a fun day to throw out to the crowd as a fun fact! Maybe it means that you aren’t allowed to answer in one-word responses…give it a try!


National Martini Day

For the age-approved drinkers, June 19th is national martini day! Whether you like martinis are not, you have to hit the bar and grab one. There are dozens of kinds of martinis out there, you’re sure to find one you like! Some bars may even be doing discounts on their martinis in honor of the national day!


Each calendar month in Canada has an average of 10 national days. That’s 10 opportunities per month to learn something new and do something silly! National days are a fun way to spice up your day. In order to experience every national day in Canada, we recommend looking into how to obtain a working holiday visa for Canada! This way you can be there for a whole year and really experience every thrill!