Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List

A person flying abroad to various different countries to explore employment is an age old phenomenon. One of the most sought after places today for employment has been Australia.

Coincidentally Australia offers numerous facilities regarding this. And if you happen to be looking for ways of obtaining an Australian visa, then look no more because here are all the answers to your queries.

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The Australian Consolidated Sponsored Occupation (CSOL) comes to your rescue. This list is used as a part of the Australian points system for immigration. If you are applying for skilled migration via nomination by state or territory government, then you must be nominated for an occupation from the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). This list gives you the freedom to choose from numerous choices available. To name a few

  • Agricultural consultant
  • Financial Investment Manager
  • Dairy Cattle Farmer
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Occupational Therapist
  • etc.

The list is very long. We at Alliance visa give a detailed look into the occupation opportunities available under this list.

The current Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List is relevant for applicants for:

  • Points – based skilled migrations who are nominated by a state or territory government agency under a State Migration Plan.
  • The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), one who has nominated by an Australian Employer to fill a position in an occupation that appears in the CSOL.
  • The temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457)
  • The training and research visa (subclass 402)

However, if your occupation choice has also been listen in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), then you might also qualify for the skilled independent visa.

The Skilled Occupation List is relevant for applicants for:

  • Independent point – based skilled migration, ones who are not nominated by the State or Territory government agency.
  • A family sponsored point tested visa
  • Temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) – Graduate work stream.

All the occupations on this skilled occupation list are currently based on the Australian and New Zealand skilled Classification of Occupations. Applicants have to make use of this list to nominate choices from in the case where someone has applied for a General Skilled Migration visa and hasn’t been nominated by a state or Territory Government. Whereas if you have been nominated by a State or Territory Government then you have the liberty to choose from either of the two above mentioned lists.

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