Au Pair in China

Home to some of the world’s biggest and greatest ancient treasures, China is packed full of amazing sights and experiences. This vibrant country is full of famous, historical attractions and spectacular sights, both natural and man-made. China is well known for its incredibly rich and unique culture and as an Au Pair, you will have the chance to learn all about Chinese civilization and experience their culture first hand.

What are the Benefits of Au Pairing in China?

(Please note that the following information may vary slightly depending on which program you choose to go with)

  • Live with a Chinese family with free accommodation and meals
  • Private bedroom provided
  • Monthly allowance of 1500-2500 RMB
  • Flight ticket reimbursement
  • Program completion bonus of up to 2000RMB
  • Monthly cultural and social meet ups with other local au pairs
  • Paid vacation to travel and explore China
  • Insurance included
  • Visa application guidance and documents support
  • Assistance to apply further study in China
  • Program orientation upon arrival
  • We will conduct home visits with yourselves and host family after your arrival.

Available Locations

Beijing, Zhonghui

As an Au Pair in Beijing, Zhonghui, you will work 30 hours per week, typically in the morning and evenings to work around the parents’ and Childrens’ schedules and activities. You are entitled to have one day off each week as well as the chance to either attend mandarin classes or explore the city whilst the host children are at school. 

Beautiful view of china

Guangzhou, Guangdong

Au Pairs can be expected to help with looking after the host children along with some light housework duties. As part of the agreement with your host family, you will be entitled to 1.5 days off every week and 2 weeks of paid leave in one year. 
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Program Durations

3 months:

48 academic hours of mandarin classes

12 academia hours of Cultural Activities

3 paid vacation days

Flight ticket reimbursement up to 2000RMB

Completion bonus: 500RMB

6 months:

96 academic hours of Mandarin Classes

24 academic hours of cultural activities

7 paid vacation days

Flight ticket reimbursement up to 4000RMB

Completion bonus: 1000RMB


12 months:

192 academic hours of Mandarin classes

48 academic hours of cultural activities

14 paid vacation days

Flight ticket reimbursement up to 8000RMB

Completion bonus: 2000RMB


  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old
  • Single with no children
  • No criminal background (police report must be given)
  • In good physical and mental health (health report must be provided)
  • Education at GCSE level or equivalent
  • At least 200 hours of childcare experience
  • Fluent in English (other languages may depend on the families)
  • Teaching or Kindergarten experience preferred
  • Willing and open to learn and adapt to a new culture
  • A loving and caring personality with patience and consideration
  • Positive attitude with good social skills

Duties and Responsibilities

As an Au Pair, your main duty will be looking after the children of your host family. In China, Au Pairing is more about helping the children with their English language skills than it is about completing household chores. You may also be required to carry out the following tasks:

  • Walking/accompanying the children to and from school 
  • Helping the children with their homework
  • Entertaining the children (taking them on fun outgoings)
  • Playing with the children at their family home
  • Accompanying the children to extracurricular activities
  • Preparing simple meals and cleaning up afterwards
  • Some light housework

Why Choose us?

Planning your journey to live abroad may seem overwhelming at first. With so many things to consider like securing a visa, obtaining health insurance, finding a suitable destination and job and many more, the process can be daunting for many. That’s why we aim to make the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible so you can concentrate on what’s really important and that is, getting the most out of your experience abroad. We aim to provide support and advice not just in obtaining a visa, but all the way through to you stepping off that plane and starting your incredible journey in a new country!

Cost Breakdown

As part of our Au Pair in China program, a fee of £420 (486 euro) will be required. This will cover our administrative and management fee to handle your application from start to finish, including undergoing regular visits whilst you are living with your host family to ensure you are settling in well.

Guide to Starting your Journey as an Au Pair in China

Step 1: Fill out our Application Form

Fill out our online application form to see if you're eligible for our Au Pair programs and be sure to provide any additional documents and information when prompted.

Step 2: Finding you a Host Family

Once your application is complete, interviews between yourselves and possible host families will be conducted either over the phone or over video chat. These interviews will allow both parties to get to know each other and ultimately help determine whether they would be a good match. Once a suitable match has been found, an agreement will need to be signed by your host family and a contract will be given to both parties.

Step 3: Booking your Flight!

Once you are paired up with a suitable host family, it is time to take the next step and book your flight to China! But don't panic as we will still be here to guide and support you every step of the way.

If you’re looking for a new way to travel abroad whilst still earning money, why not take a look at our Au Pair in China program. Discover why China is so popular among tourists as you explore one of the worlds richest breadth of history and culture, breath taking landscapes and incredibly man-made architecture. Or indulge in this countries mouth watering and diverse cuisine and food.