Australia relaxed its border restrictions after a 20-month closure. Australian citizens, residents, and their families can now travel as well as overseas students and skilled migrant workers.

All arrivals to Australia must be fully vaccinated and present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival.

The previous strict quarantine regulations have been dropped at a national level.
From December, all valid visa holders who have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by the TGA (i.e. AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson) will be allowed to enter Australia without needing to apply for a special exemption.

This includes working holiday visa holders such as backpackers, international students, and skilled workers. Australia will also establish travel bubbles with Japan and South Korea, similar to that already in effect with Singapore and previously in action with New Zealand. Travelers will need to do a PCR test before boarding their flight and show evidence of full vaccination.

To enter Australia you need to be a citizen, permanent resident, or visa holder in one of the categories mentioned above, so normal tourist visas remain suspended for now.

If you’re ready to embark on an Aussie working holiday, the good news is you can apply now for either a Working Holiday visa (417) or Work and Holiday visa (462), depending on where your passport is from. Due to the backlog of visas, the processing time is longer than normal, so be patient!

Travellers to Australia should also complete an Australia Travel Declaration (ATD) at least 72 hours before departure.


Evidence of a negative Covid PCR test taken 72 hours or less before departure must be shown before travelling to Australia.


Yes. To travel to Australia as a visa holder it will be mandatory to be fully-vaxxed against Covid-19 with a vaccine recognised by the TGA (i.e. AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson).


Travel insurance is not necessary for citizens, residents, or immediate family members. However, it is highly recommended for all visitors.


From December 2021, fully vaccinated eligible visa holders will be able to travel to Australia without a travel exemption or needing to quarantine, as long as they enter through New South Wales or Victoria. Find out more on the government website.

Un-vaccinated arrivals will still need to quarantine for 14 days at a designated facility in their port of arrival. Travellers may be required to pay for the costs of quarantine depending on the state or territory.


When entering businesses such as bars, restaurants and shops it is mandatory to check in with a QR code to record your presence.


Masks must be worn on all flights, including in airports, and most public transport. Restrictions on mask wearing, open businesses and tourist attractions varies across states, but now that Australia is at an average of 85% double vaccinated, most things are open!


Each country has different restrictions for travellers arriving from abroad. For information relevant to your situation, keep up to date with local government announcements.

In the UK, international travel restrictions apply under a simplified two-tier system from October 2021. The good news is that Australia is GREEN, so once the country fully opens to tourism we will be ready to restart our small group tours! Find out more about UK travel restrictions here.