Nothing is more annoying than arriving at the airport on time, only to be held up by an overpacked traveller, and confused tourists with undeclared items at security checkpoints. Or you have previously been one of these travellers, causing traffic for the passengers behind you. Going through airport security always has been and will always be the most mundane component of travel. However, we all know that all countries have different laws and regulations for travel to ensure the safety of their citizens and tourists.

You can save yourself the stress of unexpected surprises by following these 6 simple Do’s & Don’ts of Airport Travel.


  1. Give Yourself Extra Time

Security wait times can fluctuate significantly between nations and airports since every airline and airport is unique. Check the time specified on your ticket for arrival at the airport, but it’s also advisable to check the airport website to see whether a live wait time feature is available.

  1. Dress Comfortably

You already know what to anticipate, so ease up on yourself. The best footwear is slip-on; avoid wearing anything with shiny accents. The tourists behind you will voice their annoyance if you trip the metal detector or take extra time to unlace your boots.

Wear loose, foldable clothing if it’s cooler outdoors so you can easily place them in the plastic bins during screening. In general, soft textiles that can adapt to various climates or conditions can enhance your trip experience.

  1. Know What To Declare

Even if you are permitted to import a certain item, you might still need to disclose it. It is necessary to disclose some foods, medicines, valuables, and foreign cash, offensive weapons, alocohol, tobacco and new electronic devices to mention a few. If you’re unsure, it’s always preferable to disclose than not because failing to do so might result in a large punishment.



  1. Bring Illegal Items

This seems so obvious, we know. But you would be shocked at how many travellers still bring prohibited things past airport security. Even if most tourists are unaware that they are carrying something that is forbidden, the screening procedure still takes longer than usual. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want to spend more time at the airport than you need.

  1. Leave Luggage Unattended

Asking someone to keep an eye on your luggage or another person’s luggage is not a good idea, especially when travelling internationally. This is a significant security concern since, in addition to losing your possessions, you run the chance of going against airport security and getting into big difficulty.

  1. Be Respectful

It’s true that border control lines are irksome, and no one enjoys having to take their shoes, belts, jackets, coats, belts, jewellery, caps, and accessories off. However, there is, unfortunately, no way to get around airport security because it is for your benefit, and if you do give airport security personnel an issue, the consequences will not be pleasant.