We have curated a list of the top 10 adventures along with their places in Canada to help you plan your adventure holidays in Canada better:

1. Johnstone Strait, British Columbia

Head to Vancouver Island and on the northeastern side lies Johnstone Strait, one of the most scenic places to paddle in the entire world. In fact, it is often referred to as one of the first Whale Heritage Sites in the world and if this does not draw you here, we don’t know what will! Kayaking with whales is one of the most adventurous things to do in Canada and with more than 8 species of cetacean in this region, paddling in the waters near Telegraph Cove or Port McNeill is an experience to both live and die for!

2. Manitoba

What may be known as one of the flattest Canadian provinces, is actually hiding secrets of its own! There is actual elevation here, especially at the celebrated Riding Mountain National Park which is located at a whopping altitude of 756 meters above sea level. This is the main reason that has contributed to transforming this park into a desirable destination to mountain bike. Apart from the adventurous trails, riders can revel in the glorious view that comes from the being at the top of the 65-million-year-old Manitoba Escarpment. However, one advice is to keep an eye open at all times for moose and elk, especially during early morning or at dusk. If you are looking for an easy trail, the Lakeshore Trail is a recommended option or if you like things tougher, you can opt for the challenging Clear Lake Trail.

3. Tofino

Scoot over, California and Australia because the newest (and coolest) surfing destination is in town and it is in Canada! We understand this might sound like overselling and surfing in Canada does not come intuitive to one but Tofino in British Columbia is a picturesque destination for surfing and it does not get better than this, really! The temperature of the water is towards the colder side, at 10°C perennially, but with a good wetsuit, it is should not be too difficult to handle!

4. Shubenacadie

This one is definitely for the weaklings out there! If you haven’t heard of it before, let us tell you that Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia is home to some of the highest tides in the world and rises up to 15 meters, which results in a tidal wave or even a bore which flows up the river. Human beings have reached the peak of their innovation and commercialization and have now made rafting on the Shubenacadie River a “thing.” Get into a small-powered raft and as you ride over the incoming swell of water and collide with tides, brace yourselves because things can get extremely, extremely wet!

5. Whistler

It is not possible to have heard of ski resorts and not heard of Whistler! It is one of the biggest, best and most celebrated ski resorts in the world. The best part about Whistler is that it welcomes people surfers and snowboarders belonging to different levels of expertise. However, if you feel like those activities are just not your cup of tea, you can notch it up a level and try ziplining! As you zoom through snow-capped trees, you will scream at the top of your lungs and well, being this close to the mountain views is as heavenly as Canada gets!

6. Ontario

There is a high chance that Ontario was anyway a part of your travel itinerary to Canada and hence, we have just made things easier by telling you one of the most adventurous things to do in Canada which is located right in the middle of Ontario! Ontario is known for one of the largest and best national parks—Pukaskwa which is home to the Coastal Hiking Trail that traces the wildest shore on all the Great Lakes for some 60 crazy kilometers making it one of the best adventure places in Canada.

7. Quebec

Before we talk about Quebec, we want to ask you if you’ve ever heard of what snow tagging is! If you have not, we should tell you that snow tagging is. A breathtaking experience, this is where the magical and the outdoor come together to provide the craziest fitness platform that there is. Head to La Maurice National Park, where winter looks stunning after a bout of fresh snowfall and elaborate snow designs are carved out in a few hours to make it a breathtaking experience.

8. Atlantic Winds, Prince Edward Island

Although time in Prince Edward Island is almost always about taking a break and relaxing, we should apprise you of the fact that there is more to it than what shows. With strong winds blowing off the Gulf of St. Lawrence coming together with the wide expanse of ocean and sandy beaches create the perfect backdrop to kiteboarding, making this Island one of the most adventurous places in Canada. Make sure you book a lesson before heading there and carry your gear along with you.

9. Alberta

Alberta has for long been referred to as one of the best places for adventure in Canada owing to the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes from climbing up an ice waterfall in the Canadian Rockies. Your concepts of both gravity and logic will go for a toss when you experience the exhilarating pleasure of visiting Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise, which are great places for the thrill-seekers apart from being scenic destinations. As the snow trickles down when you plunge your axe in a frozen blue wall, your mind will take you to Game of Thrones and you will almost feel like a white walker.

10. Yukon

Whitehorse in Yukon is referred to as “Wilderness city”, and for good reason! In the end, it is surrounded by a few of the craziest wilds in the world! And the experience to die for here is the Triathlon, also known popularly as the Wilderness City Triathlon. It is a great way to take advantage of world-class amenities of recreation that are available in Canada. You can start your day off with some good old hiking and the nearby Grey Mountain, owing to the picturesque alpine vistas. For some change, you can hire a canoe on the next day and spend time paddling down the Yukon River, that runs across town. If you love biking, you can also hire a mountain bike and explore the 800 kilometers of riding trails in the city. This exciting range of activities makes Yukon one of the best places for adventure in Canada.

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