Are you somewhere between the ages of 18-35? If so, you’re the right age for a working holiday, or a student abroad programme! Debating between taking a working holiday visa and a student visa, both of these options having their own unique pros. Deciding which one to take can be a little overwhelming. However, working holiday visas do offer a few things that student visas simply cannot!

In this blog post, we compare the two types of visas.

Do working holiday visas require you to be in school?

Working holiday visas do not require you to be enrolled in an educational program during your stay like student visas do! Working holiday visas are meant for working folks who want to experience life in a new country for up to 12 months.

You do have the option to switch to a student visa upon the ending of your working holiday visa however if you want to remain in the country longer.

Do working holiday visas have a work hours limit?

Working holiday visas have no limit on how many hours you can work during your stay. Most people choose to work at least part time, but this varies by job, preference, and personal itinerary. This means you can work as much or as little as you want! By funding your trip, you have the best ability to balance your work and holiday life!

Student visas only allow up to 20 hours of work per week while you are enrolled in the program. This means you are limited in how much money you can make during your stay. Sometimes, this can be nerve wracking for young travellers.

Can I move around on a working holiday visa?

The perk of working holiday visas is that they allow you to move around throughout the country you are staying in while enrolled in the visa program. Student visas do not necessarily have this option. As you will be attending a university, you will need to stay within the area throughout the duration of your visa program.

Working holiday visas provide you with the freedom to move around as long as you remain employed in some manner and can fund your moves and adventures! This allows for better use of your time as you will get to meet an abundance of new people and experience a new culture in its entirety instead of in one small area.

Student visas and working holiday visas both have their perks. Working holiday visas can provide much more freedom and opportunity than student visas do. Working holiday visas allow you to work as much as you want, move around during your stay, and do not require you to be enrolled in school. The program is designed to allow young adults to experience something new. For up to a year, you can earn money to fund your trip. This is ideal for anyone wanting to travel!

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