Choosing New Zealand for your working holiday visa is an incredible choice that will lead to new adventures unique to the countries culture and people. Whereas New Zealand is home to some pretty cool animals, restaurants, and landscapes, there are some more unique things about New Zealand that may sway your decision even more. So, before you choose New Zealand over a Canada working holiday, let’s see what you have to look forward to!

There’s more sheep than people!

Hope you like animals because you’re going to become very familiar with the local sheep. These calm and gentle animals are almost always around, especially in the countryside (not so much in the city parts). In fact, statistics show that for every single person, there are 10 sheep! Some people even own sheep for farming purposes.

It was the last country to be inhabited by humans

That’s right. New Zealand’s history dates back only a few hundred years ago. The country is relatively new to human takeover, which is why they are a country rich in tradition, agriculture, and environmental love.

Don’t be fooled though, just because it’s history is small, doesn’t mean it isn’t fascinating! There are numerous places to visit to learn about colonization, the three different languages spoken, and even tribal battles.

You can visit Hobbiton!

Whether or not you are a Star Wars fan, the ability to see and tour hobbit homes has to be on your list of “must see’s” during your working holiday! These hobbit homes are built into mountain sides and look like large scale pizza ovens! They’re fascinating to see, tour, and learn about because, fun fact, there’s actually a whole history to Hobbiton! Can’t get that on a working holiday visa in Canada!

Bungee jumping capital

New Zealand was actually home to the first bungee jump and today it remains the country with the most pride and enthusiasm for the activity. Adrenaline seekers from all over the world visit New Zealand to go bungee jumping because of the beautiful views and the trust they have in its people.

No fear of deep water here!

Whereas yes, New Zealand has plenty of deep bodies of water, in the majority of them, you can actually see up to 80 meters down with clear visibility! This is due to the mineral make-up of the water as  well as the New Zealander’s pride in protecting their environment.

Bonus fun fact! Home to the steepest street


Sounds a little silly, but New Zealand actually holds the Guinness World Record for the steepest residential street. The slope comes in at 19 degrees, which may not sound very steep, but take a look at it! Even the houses are built on a slant. If you want a workout on your working holiday visa, we found your spot!

New Zealand is a gorgeous country and is ideal for anyone looking to see more animals than human. The country is only made up of 5% humans and most are in the city. With beautiful clear waters, friendly sheep roaming the street, and the ability to pay for things with hobbit money, you’re sure to love New Zealand for your working holiday visa! If you’re not yet sure, take some time and check out some articles on a working holiday visa in Canada, Japan, or even Australia!