There are so many things to do and achieve on a working holiday programme in Canada. Canada is a multicultural place which offers unique experiences for everyone, no matter how old they are or what they like to do; here you will find incredible things to do, most of which you can’t find anywhere else.

To get your ‘list of things to do’ started, we have listed 5 unexpected activities that you can experience whilst on your working holiday visa trip to Canada!

Play golf in the middle of the night

For a young adventurer who got a holiday working visa Canada is a Wonderland. In Dawson City, Yukon you can enjoy a full night of golf, as the sun never sets in the middle of summer. Finish your tournament with a beer and eggs breakfast before going to bed.

Those who don’t like golf can admire the Northern Lights in the Northwest Territories in late August. The magnificent view of the aurora borealis is a memorable one.

Spend a traditional night in Newfoundland

If you can splurge on something, pick the Fogo Island Inn at Jor Batt’s Arm, located on a remote island of Newfoundland. The inn has amazing architecture which blends in nicely with the traditional background. On the island you can experience the traditional lifestyle as you get to talk to the fishermen and admire some of the local crafts, such as quilts and furniture.

Learn to surf

When you get a  IEC Canada Visa the first thing which comes in your mind is not surfing. In Tofino, British Columbia, you will find a friendly community of surfers who are glad to share the waves with guests. At Long Beach Lodge you can get surfing lessons and learn to enjoy the Pacific ocean in a new way. Keep an eye out for the marine wildlife, as orcas and humpbacks often make an appearance in the area.

Check if you qualify for the IEC Visa here- visa assessment

Visit the polar bears

Canadians are used to have a moose in their backyard and pet a raccoon on their way to work, but the country is also the best place to watch polar bears from a safe, yet short distance. October and November are the best months to see polar bears in Churchill from the safety of a tundra vehicle, while in the summer months you need to head north, further from the town for the same experience.

In July and August Churchill hosts the biggest beluga whale population, which can be see from the kayak or during a snorkelling session.

Enjoy the world’s largest jazz festival in Montreal

Montreal hosts two of the biggest festivals in the world during the summer months. While working on a IEC visa make sure you catch a couple of free days to participate at the jazz festival where you can enjoy live performances of the greatest singers. Jazz is accompanied by blues, Latin, reggae and many more music genres, so there is something for everyone.

The Just for Laughs comedy festival is another great even where you can see parades, circus acts, street dancing and more. Either way, you can’t have a dull moment in Montreal during these festivals that are going to put a smile on your face.

Canada is full of incredible experiences which make the country one of the most popular destination for random travellers, expats and young people who come to get a taste of the local lifestyle.