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Canada Working Holiday

Work and travel to Canada from a few months to 2 years on a working holiday visa program.

The program offers a fantastic opportunity to discover & explore the Canadian way of life and culture. You get up to two years to live and work anywhere in Canada and do any type of work.

Alliance Visas Work and Travel package we get the visa approved, and help secure employment & accommodation before you get to Canada.

The Canadian IEC working holiday works on a quota system, which means there are limited visas available and they finish very quickly each year. Get in touch to secure yours.

Spend an amazing year in Canada! Make sure you secure yours before its all gone!

As the visa process takes a good few months, this is the best time to start your application so you could secure your visa to work and live abroad as we expect there will be a lot of applicants looking to head out!

Fill the Assessment Form to see if you qualify and find out more.

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  • Need to be a citizen of an eligible country and hold a valid passport (See list of countries below)
  • Be between the age group of 18-35. (May vary depending on your nationality)
  • Possess no criminal records and  have no serious medical conditions
  • Have a valid private health insurance and sufficient funds for the intended stay

Fill our IEC assessment form to find out your eligibility and secure your visa.

Countries eligible for Canadian Working Holiday Visa

Country TerritoryAge Band
Australia18 - 30
Belgium18 - 30
Costa Rica18-35
Czech Republic18-35
Hong Kong18 - 30
Japan18 - 30
Korea, Rep.18 - 30
Netherlands18 - 30
New Zealand18-35
United Kingdom18-30

Why a working visa?

Travelling can be incredibly expensive, so by applying for a temporary working visa in Canada you can fund your own trip. Not only does it help you to earn money whilst you explore a whole new country, it also allows you to encounter various experiences that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

You can also gain a range of new skills and knowledge by working in a different country; absorbing their working culture and taking that back to future careers and roles within your home country.

What kind of jobs can I do?

You may take up any type of job in Canada on this visa. The type of job that you take on whilst you are living and working in Canada will really depend on where you decide to base yourself during your time there.

There are a number of different job opportunities scattered through the cities and the more rural areas too.

Basing yourself in the city will allow you to work in more standard roles, i.e, restaurants, cafes’, bars and shops. This means that you can use skills and experience that you already have to find and secure work.

Whilst this is a great way to meet people and be social, you may find that you want something a little different. If this is true for you then why not head out into some of the more rural areas and see what type of jobs are out there?

Organic farms need fruit pickers and ranches may need some cowboys to help out. The possibilities are endless! Complete our assessment to find out if you would qualify.

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What makes it so great?

Working and travelling through Canada is a great way to spend a year or two. It is a stunning place full of amazing people and culture.

If you solely travel the area then you are likely to spend most of your time meeting other tourists. You may never really get to see the real people that call Canada their home.

If you are thinking of work and travel around Canada then get in touch with us today! or fill the IEC assessment form.

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