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Canada Working Holiday

The Canada Working Holiday is for you if you are looking to travel, work and experience Canada for anything from a few months to two years.

There are a very limited number of spaces available each year for applicants, they finish very quickly and take a few months to process. You should speak to us soon if you would like to get one. Once its approved you have a year to use it and activate it by traveling to Canada.

No more vaccination requirements anymore, so if you are not vaccinated it’s no problem.

Our program includes assistance securing permits, employment, accommodation, and more. It offers a fantastic opportunity to work, travel, discover & explore the Canadian way of life and its culture and  So hurry up and secure now!


To qualify for the Canada Working Holiday, you need to be a citizen of an eligible country.

  • Be between the age group of 18-35. ( May vary)
  • Possess no criminal records and serious medical conditions.
  • Have a valid private health insurance and sufficient funds for the intended stay.
  • Fill our IEC assessment form to find out your eligibility or secure your Canada IEC Working Holiday.

Fill our IEC assessment form to find out your eligibility or secure your Canada IEC Working Holiday program.

How it works

The Canada IEC Working Holiday works on a pool and invitation system, applicants are put into the pool and wait to get selected and given an invitation to apply. Once they have received their ITA only then they can apply for a permit. The duration or the permit is between 12-24 months depending on your nationality.

This is the perfect opportunity to pack your bags and walk the streets of Canada, experience its rich culture, great food and earn some money whilst you experience all these. The Canada experience has never been made this easy before, give us a call today!

Countries eligible to apply for the Canada IEC Working Holiday :

Country TerritoryAge BandStay
Australia18-3024 Months
Belgium18-3012 Months
Chile18-3512 Months
Costa Rica18-3512 Months
Croatia18-3512 Months
Czech Republic18-3512 Months
Denmark18-3512 Months
Estonia18-3512 Months
France18-3524 Months
Germany18-3512 Months
Greece18-3512 Months
Hong Kong18-3012 Months
Ireland18-3524 Months
Italy18-356 Months
Japan18-3012 Months
Korea, Rep.18-3012 Months
Latvia18-3512 Months
Lithuania18-3512 Months
Mexico18-2912 Months
Netherlands18-3012 Months
New Zealand18-3523 Months
Norway18-3512 Months
Poland18-3512 Months
Slovakia18-3512 Months
Slovenia18-3512 Months
Spain18-3512 Months
Sweden18-3012 Months
Taiwan18-356 Months
Ukraine18-356 Months
United Kingdom18-3024 Months

Why a working holiday?

Travelling can be incredibly expensive, so by travelling on a working holiday you can fund your own trip. Not only does it help you to earn money whilst you explore a whole new country as a local, it can also allow you to spend out on other excursions or experiences that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford and you get the experience of working and living abroad.

Soaking up a new culture and way of life taking that back to future careers and roles within your home country.

You can also gain a range of new skills and knowledge by working in a different country. Soaking up their own working culture and taking that back to future careers and roles within your home country.

Countries eligible to apply for the Canada IEC Working Holiday :

What kind of jobs can I do?

The type of job that you take on whilst you are staying and working in Canada will really depend on you. You can do any time of job in Canada on a working holiday.

Anyting from Restaurants, cafés, bars and shops to ski resorts, construction etc. These are the most popular among working holiday travellers. You could apply and take up job in any other field. This means that you can use skills and experience that you already have to find and secure work, Whilst this is a great way to meet people and be social, you may find that you want something a little different. If this is true for you then why not head out into some of the more rural areas and see what type of jobs are out there? Organic farms need fruit pickers and ranches may need some cowboys to help out. The possibilities are endless!

What makes it great?

Working and travelling through Canada is a great way to spend a year or two. It is a stunning place full of amazing people and culture.

If you solely travel to the area then you are likely to spend most of your time meeting other tourists. You may never really get to see the real people that call Canada their home. By choosing a base and working, you can meet new people, uncover the real Canada and develop a greater understanding of its amazing culture!

Fill the Assessment form and find out more.

At Alliance we do not share your details with any third party. We provide a no obligation assessment without any cost to all applicants, please fill our assessment to find out your eligibility.

Eligibility Assessment

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