We are all waiting for countries around the world to reopen after lockdown restrictions were imposed. With the pandamic slowing in many parts of Canada, people celebrated Canada day across the country today. Here’s how different proviences are reopening. There are rules on a national level in areas which are under federal jurisdiction:

Everyne returning from abroad must imediately go to mandatory 14-day quarantine.

All air travel must wear masks

All international flights restricted to airports in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal

Canada-US border closed to non-essencial travel until the end of July.

British Columbia

Current stafe 2, as of May 19

Canada. Toronto (Reuters) Canada’s most populated cities and the financial capital have not reopended for business. Othere regions in Ontario have opened already ending the three month pandemic lockdown.

Malls & restaurants in Toronto is now opened up. The government will continue to monitor the health trends amd consulty daily with medical experts in the provience.