The US is undoubtedly a highly sought after destination.  Known as the ‘land of the free’, there are so many places to visit. With 50 states in America, there is something for everyone.

Wishfully, a holiday to the states would last around 3 weeks. This is due to the fact that travelling from the UK to the US is some 4,319 mile apart! Travelling to a country this far would probably be better enjoyed in full, and certainly not rushed.

With the average worker in the UK entitled to around 4 weeks of annual leave, a 3 week trip to America uses up a big portion of that. A working holiday program to America provides you with the ability to fund your trip, as you will have a consistent and regular income.

Let’s look at why your next working holiday should be in America.

Spouse/Partner Visa

Travelling alone is a thrilling and exhilarating experience, that not many have the courage to do. Sometimes, you may be in a committed relationship and dread the idea of leaving your partner behind.

Did you know, that there are visa packages for partners and spouses to America? For this reason, the fear of leaving a loved on behind is eliminated!

There are so many great things to do as a couple in America, and is a great place to explore with your lover. You may experience physical activity such as mountain hiking, eating at many famous chain restaurants and plenty of sight seeing.


If you are a foodie, a working abroad program in America could not be a better choice. America is known for it’s super size portions, crazy combinations and some of the best diner’s around.

Whilst eating out can become expensive, on a working visa you are actually earning money whilst travelling. There is not better way to ensure that you get to experience all types of dining in America.

For as little as $4, you can find tasty quick bites at street markets and food stalls all around. Great for when you are commuting and ‘on the go’. Alternatively, you can find restaurants that suit all sorts of budgets!

Why not wait for payday and treat yourself to a good quality XL burger, with all of the sides…

Job and accommodation sorted

It can be tricky finding work when you are simply visiting a country on holiday. Afterall, there are working visas and work permits that must be secured first.

Although interviewing when you are already in America surely makes sense, a good idea is to secure your visa at home first.

With us at Alliance Visas, we offer the full package. The package includes visas, accommodation and work permit too! This is a great way to reduce the stress of sorting these important aspects before you travel.

To find out more about out working holiday visa programs to the United States, visit us here.

No language barrier

Another benefit to a working visa trip to America is that fact that there is no language barrier. It’s easy to hit the ground running, and not have to worry about communication blocks.

Being a native English speaker, finding your way around America will be simple.

However, if you did wish to learn a new language whilst over there, Spanish is a commonly spoken language. This gives you plenty of opportunity to practise!

To check your eligibility, check the link here.