LOCATION: Ontario, Canada



  • Complete routine maintenance and minor repairs to rental homes, facilities, and streets as needed.
  • Complete checklists of the physical condition of resort sites prior to and after guest occupancy.
  • Ensure common area lawns are manicured appropriately. Regularly treat for weeds, weed whip, rake leaves, plant flowers/shrubs, spread mulch/woodchips/stones, trim shrubs and hedges, cut and remove tree limbs damaged by adverse weather conditions, and perform other lawn care services as necessary.
  • Ensure the resort is presentable and inviting at all times, and that it adheres to Sun’s curb appeal standards.
  • Ensure trash/debris is picked up daily from common areas and streets on a daily basis. Empty common area trash containers as needed.
  • Clean resort amenities which may include clubhouses, tennis courts, pickleball courts, resort offices, restrooms, laundry areas, bath houses, and maintenance garages.
  • Maintain vacant sites, including strap-downs and removal of trash and debris.
  • Assist manager with supervision of service contractors.
  • Inspect the irrigation system regularly to ensure it is working properly, and repairs as necessary.
  • Inspect playground area and equipment, pool/spa area, and other recreational amenities to ensure everything is in good condition, making minor repairs as needed.
  • Ensure all resort streets and public access routes are free of hazards.
  • Maintain resort pool(s), test chemical levels, and adjust appropriately, where applicable.
  • Maintain resort vehicles and equipment.
  • Follow safety procedures while performing duties, including safely operating vehicles when moving from site to site and picking up supplies.
  • Other duties and special projects as assigned.