LOCATION: Ontario, Canada



  • Review damage report and estimates of repair cost and plan work to be performed
  • Repair and replace front-end components, body components, doors, and frame and underbody components
  • Hammer out dents, buckles, and other defects using blocks and hammers
    Operate soldering equipment or use plastic filler to fill holes, dents, and seams
  • Remove damaged fenders, panels, and grills using wrenches and cutting torch and bolt or weld replacement parts into place
  • Straighten bent frames using frame and underbody pulling and anchoring equipment
  • File, grind, and sand repaired body surfaces using hand and power tools
  • Mask and tape auto body surfaces in preparation for painting
  • Mix paint, blend, and match colours
  • Apply primers and repaint surfaces using brush or spray guns
  • Repair and replace glass components such as windshields, windows, and sunroofs
  • Repair or replace interior components, such as seat frame assembly, carpets, and floorboard insulation
  • Inspect repaired vehicles and test drive vehicles for proper handling.