Rate of Pay: Starting salary of $30 (CAD) per hour

Classification: Full Time (8 hour working days)

Location: Canada

Company: Mode Projects Inc


  • Measure, cut, shape, assemble and join materials made of wood, wood substitutes, lightweight steel and other materials
  • Build foundations, install floor beams, lay subflooring and erect walls and roof systems
  • Fit and install trim items, such as doors, stairs, molding and hardware
  • Maintain, repair and renovate residences and wooden structures, commercial and institutional buildings
  • Read and interpret blueprints, drawings and sketches to determine specifications and calculate requirements
  • Prepare layouts in conformance to building codes, using measuring tools
  • Supervise apprentices and other construction workers


Starting Rate:

The offer of this position starts at $30 CAD per hour. Average carpenter rates in BC, Canada is $30.40/hr. Our carpenters are paid more than the industry standard, averaging at $35/hr. Within the first 2 weeks, our team foreman will be assessing your on-site skillsets, your ability to take direction and work within a team, and your site safety knowledge. After that time, and depending on how you have tested, your wage may be adjusted up to $35/hr. This is not a guarantee, but allows us to gain a full understanding of where your skills are at. If we keep you at your assessment wage, we will outline some goals to achieve in order to increase it. Our management team is always looking for opportunities to grow with our employees and look forward to supporting you along your career path.

Working Hours:

All employees are required to work 8 hour days, depending on the daily job requirements. Everyone gets two 15 minute breaks, plus one 30 minute lunch break unpaid. We keep in line with government regulations around overtime and statutory holidays, overtime hours may be available depending on the project’s needs, and are appreciated if you work them, but not required.

Company Benefits:

Company health benefits covers prescription, dental, paramedical, life insurance, vision and a few other items and is 100% covered by Mode. 100% coverage is for the employee only, if you want to add family members to your plan, you are welcome to do this where we’ll deduct their cost from your payroll each period. This is the most robust employee health package we could acquire for our team.

Interested in applying for this role? Get in touch with us today at saiesha@alliancevisas.com