In partnership with Blue Mountain Resort, we have exciting opportunities to work in Canada. 

We have a job fair event coming to London and Dublin, where potential candidates interview with Blue Mountain Resort. The positions available include, line cook, food and beverage attendant and more!

The event starts on the 27th August 2022. Click here for more information, and to book your space.

Let’s look at how to ace your interview on the day!

Research the employer

Researching the employer is an essential part of preparing for any job interview.

More often than not, during the interview you will be asked ”what can you tell us about our company?”. Employers want to see that their potential new employee has carried out research about the company. This shows an interest into the employer.

In addition to this, it is important to carry out research – even just for your own benefit. By doing so, you can find a company’s goals and previous history. This can give you an insight into what the company culture is like. Furthermore, you will probably find the company’s values and ethics which is also good to know. This way, you can establish if they line up with your own and decide if the company is a good fit for you.

Don’t get caught out and forget to study all about your prospective employer.

Looking for a new job? Visit our jobs page, where you will find amazing working and living abroad opportunities.

Review the job description

If you have been attracted to a particular job role, the chances are you already have the skill set for it. Ensure that you demonstrate your experience and highlight your past successes. It’s also a good idea to mention any transferable skills that you think are relevant to the post.

It may be beneficial to keep an open mind. This is because during the job fair, the interviewer may discover your skills and experience more closely suit another position that they have. Whilst you may have attended the job fair with a desired role in mind, definitely bear in mind that you may secure a different position instead! This can be equally as exciting.

Look the part

Dependant upon the type of company and role you are applying for, you will want to ensure that you have dressed appropriately.

For example, at a job fair that is hiring for customer service based roles it is key to have a smart and professional look. Afterall, you will be representing the company and they will certainly want to give a good and lasting impression to their customers and clients.

If you are unsure, you can always ask the employer before your interview. They will likely  appreciate this, as it shows that you have used initiative and cared enough to ask!

Ask your own questions

Undoubtedly, you should create a list of your own questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview.

By asking questions about the company, the roles itself and others, you are showing an interest into the company.

Working abroad should give you plenty of ideas for questions, and if you are taking out a one or two year working visa you will want to ask as many questions as you can!

Already booked onto our upcoming job fair? We can’t wait to see you on the day.

Good luck!