A working holiday visa allows you to both travel and support yourself financially in another country. Getting this visa can make your experience quite different from a regular tourist trip, but is it worth the hassle?

The visa gives you an opportunity to have disposable income for your time in another country. For this reason, you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of spending money! It is beneficial to plan your finances in advance for the trip, but having an opportunity to earn  in order to explore places can make one feel supported and less stressed.

Deciding on a lifelong career

Working holiday visa is also a great chance to test the waters for those who want to move to a different country. It enables you to explore more of an ordinary life and see if it is suitable for your everyday lifestyle. Meaning, travelling and working at the same time gives you a sense of day-to-day life in another country. As a result of this, you can gauge a realistic sense of life, whilst working abroad!

In addition, it will also help make connections in case you decide to move to another country in the end. The foundation will be set and it will be easier to settle for permanent residency.

Learning from the locals

Working Holiday Visa can bring a new spin on the regular tourist experience. It allows to both travel and connect with more people to see what they do for a living, as well as experience it first hand. It can be quite a complicated process, but it is worth it, and, besides, we can help with that.

And of course, for those who want to see not just the most popular tourist attractions, but dive deeper into exploring ordinary life in another country, working holiday visa is a perfect fit. Not only will it allow to visit all the well-known landmarks, but also connect with people who lived in that country their entire lives. Learn from them and get a first-hand experience of a different country.

Boosting your CV

By sampling life on a working visa you are not just simply holidaying. In fact, you are boosting your working experience, strengthening your employability skills and increasing your desirability.

Dependent upon where you start your working abroad holiday, you may find that you pick up a new language. Multi-lingual people often boost their chances of employment because they are able to communicate in more than one language.

If you secured an iec visa in Canada, you will have the opportunity to learn French! French is the second most commonly spoken language in Canada and by learning the language you could work in countries such as Monaco, Belgium, Senegal and Switzerland! Cool!

Comfort zone

Finally, the further you get from your comfort zone, the more you learn. So what better way to learn life lessons than to dive into a job overseas? It can be a steep learning curve, but all of the skills gained from working abroad will be with you for life. Having said that, when you return home you’ll probably be a lot wiser, with many stories and memories to share with your loved ones.

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