Work & Jobs in Australia

Thinking of working in Australia? Here you will find all information to help you get there.

In order to work in Australia you first need to secure a visa which allows you work and live there. There are a few options you could choose from depending on how long you want to go for and your personal profile such as your qualifications, work experience and age. Below are some of the most popular visa routes-

Working Holiday Visa


If you are looking to travel for up to two years then the Australian working holiday visa could be one for you. Read more

Note you cannot take any dependent children, need to be aged between 18-30 and be of certain nationalities such as British/Irish for this visa

Australia Skilled Visa


If you are looking to go for a few years, permanently or you have family to take with you then the Skilled visa could be your best choice. Read more. You need to have work experience/qualifications or both in an occupation which is in demand in Australia and must be aged under 50 years.

Partner Visa Australia


Are you married to or in an unmarried relationship with an Australian permanent resident or citizen? then you may be able to apply under the partner visa category. Read more

457 Employer Work Permit


If you have an employer willing to give you a job in Australia you may be able secure a 457 work permit. Read more. There are specific requirements for this visa similar to that of the skilled visa.

Student Visa


If do not qualify for any of the above, you could consider to go on a student visa which will allow you to work part time while you study in Australia. After finishing your studies you could get a post study work visa for 18 to 36 months depending on your course. Read more. This is a great way to enter Australia, you will get a great experience of studying abroad, you will gain skills, an Australian qualification and it would be a great way of networking and making new friends. There are no age limits for this visa and we send many students every year to Australia. Fill a free visa assessment from to find out more.

Parent Visa


If you have a child living in Australia you may be able to get a parent visa. Read more about the parent visa.