If you have never been to Greece, you must rectify this heresy. Whether you are a history buff or not, Greece is home to marvelous monuments and UNESCO heritage sites. Take the time to see the beautiful Acropolis in Athens and its stunning museum, visit the archaeological site of Delphi or the open-air island museum of Delos, the stunning Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki, the myth-laden Palace of Knossos or the breathtaking medieval Old Town of Rhodes.

Ridiculously Delicious Food and Drink

Greece boasts a great variety of food and drinks, with a vast array of Greek wines, local liquors, and world-known dishes. Discover the food specialties of the islands or the hearty dishes in the mountain villages. Savor fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables cooked with a healthy dose of Greek olive oil. Visiting Greece is a feast for the senses.

Breathtaking landscapes

Rugged mountains, exotic, pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, green valleys, quiet lakes, and lush forests – Greece has it all. Get the chance to discover different lifestyles and wonders all in one country as the natural beauty and diversity are bound to astonish you.

Vibrant Nightlife

Whether young in age or at heart, the time of your life can be had in Greece. From party islands such as Mykonos, Ios, or Zakynthos, to cosmopolitan cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki, Greece hardly sleeps. And even if you are finding yourself in a more romantic or bucolic area, experiencing a typical panegyric (local feast) is a memorable moment that will make your holiday special.

 A Budget-Friendly Destination

Greece has always been famous for its good prices compared to other famous parts of Europe. While it is true that there are a lot of fancy and expensive establishments in Greece, it is actually possible to explore this diverse country on a budget. Traditional tavernas and kafeneia are quite cheap and beaches are free for all to enjoy. The Travel Insiders’ Athens-Piraeus joined tours and Olympia-Katakolon joined tours are specially designed to cover all the highlights at a guaranteed low cost.

 A Safe Place for Holidays

Greece is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Regardless of the time, you always feel safe in Greece. Travelers are, however, advised to use the normal precautions as they would in any other European country. Be cautious of pickpockets and never keep valuables in your back pocket. Also, be aware of transfer scams, particularly from the airport or the port of Piraeus, so be sure to only use licensed transfer services.

Full Shot of Vitamin Sea

With its extensive coastline, Greece has a plethora of beaches that seduce everyone. From sandy to pebbly beaches, isolated coves, and quiet bays, you will always find somewhere you can soak up some vitamin D.

Walking on sunshine

Speaking of the sun, Greece is known for the perfect summer. But the country is an ideal destination for every season, whether you visit it during your spring break, as a Christmas destination, or during the summer.

Adrenaline-pumping Fun

Because of its diversity of landscapes, outdoor activity aficionados can also have their fair share of fun. Take a surfing holiday in Tinos, climb the unique geological rocks of Meteora, base jump in Zakynthos or simply dive in secluded coves and underwater caves, whatever you feel like doing, you can do it in Greece.

Kids Love Greece too

Greece is a kid-friendly destination and one of the most welcoming places to be traveling with the family. With perfect weather, ‘Blue Flag’ beaches, and many activities for children, Greece is a great destination for families all year round.

Greece is home to crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches which are safe for children. The wide range of water sports and beach activities will ensure that they never get bored. With the many historical sites and monuments which may be found around the country, kids can learn history in a fun way. In Ancient Olympia, kids can run the Olympic track where Hercules first participated and even make their own olive wreaths and challenge each other for the crown! In addition to ancient sites, there are medieval castles and forts for them to explore.