It seems a bit tricky to travel in the current climate even within your own country let alone travelling abroad to another. The Canadian borders are open to Canadian, work permit holders and permanent residency holders. A lot of people would like to know what it is like to travel to abroad in the current covid climate.

Sharing the below from one of our clients who recently travelled to Canada.


Hey Venus I just arrived in Canada today, got through immigration and all the checks pretty easy, they didn’t check any the documents you are asked to provide I.e written job offer, medical insurance, bank statement etc. They did however say I should have had a medical exam before leaving my home country but I’ve never seen this on the list of entry requirements? All airports I flew through Glasgow, Toronto, Vancouver all still extremely quite with very little facilities open. Onboard the plane we were served minimal food and drink once during both flights. Very different experience not as enjoyable as it usually is. Just thought I’d let you guys know what it’s like just now



We are all very pleased Allie did not have any issues entering Canada and was not asked a lot. Although she was not asked for the job offer, it does not mean they may not ask others.

We are hoping to travel to Canada and other county gets easier and relaxed every day!
If you have any questions or have recently travelled to Canada please get in touch.