Scroll down to find the most thrilling and rejuvenating activities you can engage in while you’re holidaying in Japan with your friends and/or family.

1. Mount Fuji: Climb Japan’s Highest-Active Volcano
Mount Fuji is the highest active volcanic mountain in Japan that is also worshiped as a sacred mountain in the Shinto religion. It lies to the south west of Japan’s capital- Tokyo. One of the adventurous things to do in Japan is to climb the popular Mount Fuji in the months of July and August. Visitors can even enjoy the breathtaking views from either of these places- the Shin-Fuji station, from the top of the Chureito pagoda or any of the five lakes that surround the mountain.

2. Arashiyama: Take A Weekend Trip
One of the best weekend resorts a few kilometers away from the bustling city of Kyoto, Arashiyama is a land of nature and heritage. The best thing to do in Japan in November is to visit this gorgeous landscape. December also makes a good time to visit the bamboo groves as they are filled with numerous lights as a part of the hanatoro festival. The main attractions of Arashiyama are the vast bamboo groves, the famous Togetsukyo bridge, boating in the Oigawa river, temples like Tenryuji, goji and Nenbutsuji and the monkey park.

3. Cherry Blossom Festival
Traditionally called the hanami festival, the Cherry Blossom Festival is dedicated to the two weeks of the spring season when Sakura and Ume flowers bloom all over the regions of Japan. People flock over the gardens in Japan to enjoy an evening of food, drinks, and music under the blossomed cherry trees and celebrate the view of the delicate pink flowers. Being in the Honshu region of Japan during the months of March and April is one of the best things to do in Japan.

4. Tokyo: Enjoy The Nightlife
Shinjuku station is a major nightlife district in Tokyo. Visitors can come across the world famous robot restaurant, Karaoke bars, Japanese pinball parlors, and nightclubs. Numerous ramen restaurants and bars are hidden in the narrow alleys of this district. Local guides are available to help one find the right places to go izakaya bar hopping. Genuine local foods such as chicken skewers, grilled seafood, fried tofu, and vegetables can be found in these alleys to be enjoyed with the drinks like sake and local beer.

5. Ryogoku: Watch A Sumo Show
Ryogoku area is a significant center in Japan dedicated to sports such as boxing and sumo wrestling. The neighborhood is filled with galleries, museums, cafes, and traditional restaurants. The kokugikan stadium hosts many tournaments of the National sport of Japan. One can opt for a match in the stadium or just watch the early morning practices of sumo wrestlers in their stables for free of cost. The area also houses a sumo museum that displays things related to the history and culture of sumo wrestling.

6. Chuo: Witness The Spectacular Kabuki Dance

The traditional art form of Japan, Kabuki is more of a dramatized stage play rather than a dance form. Historical events and other well-known stories are always depicted in this art form. The kabuki performance is enhanced by the live music played using traditional musical instruments. This dance form is designed in the Kabukiza theatre and two performances take place every day. For those willing to pay extra, English subtitle guides are available. The Kabuki experience is simply splendid and one of the best things to do in Tokyo, Japan.

7. Nijo Castle: Go Explore!
Built in the early 17th Century, Nijo Palace was the residence of Kyoto’s first military dictator of the Edo period. It is the only palace in Japan to have been built at the ground level. The castle grounds are lush with charming gardens and are surrounded by sturdy stone walls and moats for defense. The buildings in the grounds are connected through nightingale tunnels and the main palace is decorated with tatami mats on the floor and colorful paintings on the ceiling and the entrance doors.

8. Ninja Museum: Engage In A Ninja Experience!
The ninja museum in Igyaru is a village museum that allows visitors to experience the art of stealth mastered by the Japanese in the medieval times. The guided tour takes one around the premises where the deception of the hallways and weapons to the naked eye can be witnessed. An exhibition hall in the museum displays the costumes and weapons of ninjas. The mini theatre and a ninja show give an insight to the visitors into the life of the ninjas. One can even try a hand at learning the art for themselves making it one of the adventurous things to do in Japan. They also have a gift shop attached to the museum that sells rare ninja souvenirs.

9. Nishiasakusa: Indulge In Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki is a popular savory pancake dish that is filled with various vegetables and drizzled with amazing sauces. The best place to try this lovely dish is at the Sometaro restaurant in Asakusa. One of the best things to do in Tokyo, Japan is to visit this splendid restaurant that specializes only in Okonomiyaki dishes. It is located near the famous Sensoji Temple, making it easier for visitors to spot this amazing restaurant. Okonomiyaki is cooked in the presence of the customers on the iron girdle attached to their tables which causes the air around to be a bit stuffy.

10. Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum: Take a trip down history!
Japan is the only country in the world to have been hit by a nuclear bomb during World War II. The tragic day of August 9, 1945, is still remembered all over the world. To honor of those who lost their lives in the incident and the efforts of the Japanese Government to spread awareness about the repercussions of the weapon used in the regions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, led to the establishment of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. The museum hosts an exhibition room, a video room, a bookshop and a refreshment room where one can spend some time reminiscing the unfortunate event.