Canada Jobs

Want to secure a job before you go to Canada? We can organise that for you! It is important to think in advance of where you want to work, so when you arrive in Canada you are all set and stress-free. We have a few ideas for you work-wise: from ski resorts to overall places where you can submit your CV.

Ski Resorts

Want to work at ski resorts? Canada has a great variety of them. have a look and apply to the following resorts:

Canada Jobs Alliance Visas

There is a huge variety of ski resorts in Canada. If you love skiing or would love to learn more about it, you can work there! Click on the following resorts to apply:

Canada Jobs Alliance Visas

We have been working with Blue Mountain for some time now, providing our clients with jobs at the resort. From short-term vacancies to year-round jobs, Blue Mountain has a variety of opportunities to offer!

Jobs in Provinces

Already decided which province you want to spend most of your time in? Apply for the jobs in specific places through the following websites:

Canada Jobs Alliance Visas


Want to work in a breathtaking modern city in Canada? Then Calgary, located in Alberta, is for you. Click here to explore temporary job opportunities in Calgary.

British Columbia

  • Is there a particular industry you want to work in, but not sure how to apply for it in Canada? This website may be helpful to you. They offer employment guideline, industry profiles, as well as special programmes for when you are in BC.
  • You can work in the tourism industry in British Columbia. To get discovered and offered a job there, click here to upload your resume. Alternatively, you can give them a call at (604) 633-9787, ext. 238, or email Kylene Tse prior to arriving in BC. For additional information about why work in the tourist industry, click here. You can also give them a call at 604-331-3603 or email at
  • Located on Southern Vancouver Island, Bear Mountain Resort is a beautiful place that offers a variety of jobs. Click here to see the opportunities they have to offer at the moment.

Nova Scotia

Blue Ocean contract center can help you get a job in Nova Scotia. To find out more about the center, click here, and here to apply for vacancies.


  • Click here to see jobs that are currently advertised in Ontario, you can also receive advice from the recruitment consultants either by calling at +1 905 522 4902, or at a meeting once you are in Canada.
  • Rocky Crest Resort has job opportunities you can apply for.
  • You can register and upload your CV here.

Jobs Anywhere in Canada

Not sure where exactly do you want to go in Canada? The following websites allow you to upload your CV and apply for jobs anywhere in the country:

  • Register your CV here and receive updates on the job offers in Canada.
  • Want to work in Engineering, I.T, Finance, Management, Automation, Skilled Trades, Administration, Health Care, or Light Industrial industries? Submit your CV using this link.
  • Upload your CV to Hays recruiting worldwide.
  • Upload your CV to Xpat jobs.
  • If you are interested in a Marketing/Creative position, sign up and upload your CV here.
  • For jobs at events/catering please create your profile here.
  • For various jobs in the development sector, create your profile here (or sign up with LinkedIn).