Canada is one of those countries that continuously finds itself on “top 10” destination lists. Whether it’s for the country’s incredible natural beauty, delicious food, mountain resorts, unique culture, or unbeatable road trips—Canada has it all!

Snowboard the snowy mountains of Whistler and have since ticked off bucket list-worthy destinations like Banff National Park, Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and Vancouver.

Canada is a huge country, and the climate and weather will differ depending on the region you visit!

Generally, the best time to visit is during the fall months of August and September—the weather has cooled down a bit, but it’s still comfortable for outdoor activities. Plus, the summer crowds have left, prices have dropped, and the foliage is starting to change color.

Winter usually spans from October to March, though sometimes it can last up until April. During winter, Vancouver gets very little snow, while Montreal is typically freezing cold!

The best times to visit Banff National Park are June to August, for summer and outdoor activities, and December to March, for prime ski conditions.

Here are some of my favorite places to visit in Canada:

Vancouver: British Columbia’s largest city, Vancouver is the epitome of cool with its buzzing food and craft beer scene, plus its stunning landscapes.

Toronto: One of the most diverse cities in the world, you can hear over 140 languages spoken in Toronto with over half of the residents being born outside of Canada. It’s an exciting city that’s well known for its music and festival scene as well as many of the world’s most esteemed restaurants.

Quebec City: With a strong European, North American, and Canadian vibes, Quebec is a fascinating, historical city. Most of the residents speak French and the architecture is some of the prettiest in the country.

Montreal: The biggest city within the Quebec province, there’s a lot to love in this busy metropolis. It’s set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and it’s packed with museums and galleries.

Whistler: For a local’s experience, head to a frozen lake for ice hockey, ice fishing, or, if you’re like me, bring along a bottle of bubbly and ask for a pull on a toboggan.

Mont Tremblant: If you are looking for a gorgeous winter break, Mont Tremblant is the place to be. Just eighty miles outside of Montreal, this place is the perfect spot to play in the snow.

Banff: Banff is one of the most beautiful national parks in Canada. It boasts breathtaking mountain scenery, epic hiking trails, and picturesque camping grounds and lodges.

Calgary: The cosmopolitan city in Alberta, Calgary is quite a cool city with its many skyscrapers and the annual event of the Calgary Stampede!

Vancouver Island: The ideal place for a summer getaway!

Manitoba: Looking to see for polar bears and beluga whales? Manitoba is the place!

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