Business Immigration

In the last few years business immigration in the UK has become a lot more complex especially since the majority of the country voted to leave the EU. With the pressure of Brexit the british government have felt the political need to restrict immigration into the UK which has been deemed too high.

However the Government’s policies have always placed a huge emphasis on promoting business and economic growth. The Government has stated that the immigration policies allow immigrants who have skills and will invest in the country though using these skills for the companies that need it.

Alliance Visas is an OISC regulated immigration firm, one of our specialities are business and Corporate Immigration. We offer support to organisations and help in obtaining the necessary visas that your company needs making sure we meet all your expectation as smoothly as possible.

Why choose us for your Business Immigration Visas?


Our expert advisers will provide custom immigration strategies and full support to help hire and retain the people needed to grow your business whilst taking into consideration the ever changing immigration laws.

We are able to assist and guide with:


  • Undertaking preliminary work eligibility assessment
  • Advice on hiring foreign workers
  • Securing Sponsorship License
  • Securing Tier 2 General work permit
  • Managing Sponsorship Licence and ongoing employer obligations  

Tier 2 General


If a UK company needs to hire a non EU worker, they may apply to sponsor the worker on a Tier 2 General visa. The Tier 2 General visa falls under the new Points based system. Under the Tier 2 General stream there are specific requirements which need to be met. The sponsored job needs to be at an appropriate skill level. There is a chance of client getting indefinite leave to remain. Read more here 

Tier 2 Sponsorship License


The Tier 2 Sponsorship License allows UK companies and employers to sponsor non EU nationals to work in the UK. In this ever changing climate it’s hard to keep up up with the constant change in the UK immigration laws. Sponsorship occurs on a point based system and to sponsor an individual under this your company must hold a sponsorship license. Without the license you cannot employ someone from outside the EU, transfer existing employees or extend and existing work visa. Read more here 

Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer


The Tier 2 Intra Company transfer allows you to bring over your skilled overseas employees to work in your UK branch. Here at Alliance visas we successfully manage the Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer for either large scale projects and also smaller skill shortages. There are four sub categories for this visa, read more here


We offer bespoke services for companies and corporate clients looking to hire foreign workers to the UK.

No matter what your goals are, we are able to help. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements today.

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