Investment Visa

Otherwise known as the ‘Golden Visa’ an investment visa will allow an individual to apply for permanent residency through investments made into the chosen country.

The investor visa began as a help for those countries suffering from an economic downturn or foreclosures or high property taxes. Other countries have simply wanted to stimulate their economy. There are many different reasons countries have decided to jump on the investor visa bandwagon.

The investment visa (golden visa) is a residence permit that grants the holder the right to live in the country and work towards a full citizenship. The individual is able to reside through investment programs in which they’ll be bale to make an investment in the country and receive preferential treatment during the immigration progress.

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What makes the investment ‘Golden Visa’ different to other visas?

The main difference between the ‘Golden visa’ and the rest is that this program does not come with any other requirements compared to the other visas. Most immigration requirements will be quite long and very strict and have a numerous amount of rules however this visa cuts all of the extras out.

You will not need to have a job offer in place before you travel, nor will you need to start a business or even marry a national from that country. In most cases the need to learn the local language is also not important. The ‘Golden Visa’ will allow you to bypass all normal requirements and just move right in.

Where can you find the investment (Golden Visa)?

Most and if not all of the investment ‘Golden Visa’ programs are available within the European Union.

There are other programs available in which you can obtain a residency permit in exchange for making an investment, but generally the term ‘Golden Visa’ largely applies to the programs that have been found in European Union and leave the path to citizenship open.

The list of countries who offer an Investment visa (Golden Visa)

  • Portugal – Click here to find out more
  • Spain – Click here to find out more
  • Latvia – Click here to find out more
  • Greece – Click here to find out more
  • Bulgaria – Click here to find out more
  • Ireland – Click here to find out more

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