Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, is quite a popular destination for tourists from all over the world heading to the Down Under! For all those travelers looking for the best things to do in Melbourne, Australia’s most “European” city, read on!

A hub for many interesting things including museums, vintage stores, coffee shops, art galleries, events, festivals, etc., there is literally nothing you cannot do in this city!

  1. Explore the City Center

There are countless Melbourne city attractions to enjoy and see, and the smartest way to go about it is by taking one of the amazing Melbourne walking tours! Most walking tours take you through the city centre.

2. Hop On a Train at Flinders Street Station

Being the busiest suburban railway street of the Southern Hemisphere, Flinders Street Station is, out of all the places of interest in Melbourne, a must-see! While you’re at Flinders Street Station, you can admire the beautiful yellow victorian building, explore its interiors and get lost going up and down the floors. On the third floor, there is an eerie old abandoned ballroom that is, unfortunately, closed for visitors! However, you can always take a leap of faith and kindly ask an employee to let you in!

3. Explore Queen Victoria Market

This market was built in the 19th century and it has since become one of the biggest Melbourne tourist attractions; it’s also a great place to get fresh produce!

Here’s an interesting story so you can get a better image of the way Australians are: In the 1960s, the mayor of Melbourne wanted to destroy Queen Victoria Market in order to build a parking lot, but the neighbors reacted and forced him to turn the building into a national trust, so that it could never be destroyed!

4. Try The Famous Melbourne Coffee

And drinking it is one of the best activities to do in Melbourne! There are so many cafés in Australia’s cultural capital that the chances of you not coming across one of them are almost non-existent.

5. Become An Art Expert At the National Gallery Of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria displays a permanent exhibition of international art from all over the world that will only take you a couple of hours to see. They have some events from time to time as well, which you can also check on their website!

6. Explore St kilda And The Iconic Luna Park In Melbourne

St Kilda is Melbourne’s cutest neighborhood. With its historic buildings, seaside restaurants and cafés, beaches and exciting nightlife, St. Kilda is an awesome place for every traveler to spend a day and it can sometimes feel like a unique world on its own! St. Kilda is also home to Chapel Street – perfect for some entertainment, including shopping and events!

7. Learn More About Aboriginal Culture In Koorie heritage Trust

Even though Australia is said to be a “young country”, this couldn’t be further away from the truth! The country is home to the oldest civilisation in the world (60.000 years old!) which has unfortunately been somewhat overshadowed by colonization.

8. Celebrate multiculturalism at the immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum is a museum that celebrates the multiculturality of the world that we live in and I recommend it if you are a little bit of an anthropologist or if you are simply curious!

9. Admire the Street Art & Sculptures

Melbourne is quite famous for its street art culture! A must-see when heading to Melbourne is Hosier Lane, where you’ll always find street artists working on their pieces. You can also check out AC/DC lane and Centre place.

On another note, you’ll find, as you’re walking around Melbourne, that there are plenty of sculptures scattered all throughout the city. Ranging from surrealist to realist, each one of these sculptures shares its own story with those passing by.